Now conduct remote hiring through live interview interface

A seamless and time-efficient remote hiring tool to evaluate programming and communication skills of a candidate

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A smart tool to assess candidates remotely

Conduct virtual interviews with ample out-of-box features that make SpeedHire Live the best technical recruitment solution

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Real-time coding environment with remote proctoring

Evaluate the tech quotient of candidates with a live programming interface and remotely proctor the whole assessment

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Conduct standardised and unbiased interviews

Interview candidates with standard,accurate, and unbiased environment to improve the efficiency of hiring process


Conduct virtual interviews with SpeedHire Live

  • 01
    Schedule Interview

    Schedule a virtual interview and send invite to the candidates in just a few clicks

  • 02
    Add Interview Questions

    Create customised questionnaire or add questions from our library, before/during the interview

  • 03
    Conduct Interview

    Conduct real-time technical interviews, evaluate candidate performance, and share feedback

  • 04
    Evaluate Candidates

    Review or re-evaluate from video playback of the whole session for a well-informed hiring decision

Conduct interviews with whiteboard integration

SpeedHire Live offers an integrated diagramming tool,, using which you can
  • Conduct interviews with whiteboard integration
  • Host system design interviews over video call
  • Let candidates draw relevant diagrams using a wide variety of options available in the toolbar
  • Re-evaluate submitted whiteboard diagrams even after the interviews

Provide collaborative coding experience and assess skills real-time

SpeedHire Live provides a cheat-proof virtual interview platform with real-time collaboration
  • Candidate's code is visible to interviewers in real-time keeping them informed about the progress
  • Interviewer and interviewee, both can edit, compile-run over test cases, and submit the code
  • Remote proctoring makes it easier to detect impersonation

Video playback feature to re-run the interview experience

With SpeedHire Live, you can re-generate the interview experience if not convinced in the first go
  • Get your screen recorded during the whole interview process, which can be run later through candidate's performance report
  • Share the interview video with other members of the hiring team for a collective decision

Get better opinion of candidate's skill through a panel interview

Multiple interviewers can be included in one interview session to eliminate any trace of biased hiring
  • Add up to 5 interviewers
  • Produce collated feedback and notes at the candidate's performance scorecard

Facial recognition to detect impersonation

Our facial recognition APIs run after regular interval to match the candidate’s face with the base image
  • Upload the candidate's image beforehand or ask the candidate to upload their image at the start of the interview
  • Facial recognition API matches the interviewee's face with the base image at regular intervals
  • Final face matching percentage is then displayed in the candidate report

An interactive interface to evaluate the candidate

  • Customised chat option for communication between the interviewer and interviewee
  • An option to make a note of vital elements during the interview process

Make your remote hiring effective using SpeedHire Live

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