How to hire skilled coders with SpeedHire Live

By Sukriti Yaduwanshi | 5 Min Read | Published on: 09th Sep 2020
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As we head towards virtual workplaces, our organisational infrastructure has witnessed a huge transformation. Amongst all the verticals undergoing the digital transformation, assessment and hiring of software developers have also become pertinent to changes. 

However, assessing and hiring programmers cannot be done through the normal process of relying on human instincts. Hiring a skilled coder is imperative to business growth. So we present you, SpeedHire Live- an online interview platform enabling remote evaluation of programming and communication skills of a candidate. Here's how it will penetrate a better assessment process for you.

1. Interactive coding environment

Through SpeedHire Live, interviewees can host real-time coding challenges where the experts can watch the candidate's code live, interact with them and provide instant feedback on their code's quality and performance.

2. Access to vast questions library

Hiring managers will have access to both their personal questions library and the vast TechGig library to add interview questions. Alternatively, they can also create their own questions for the interview.

3. Multiple programming languages

Our online coding test platform supports 54 plus programming languages to help you find the best-suited candidates for various developer positions. 

4. Generate exhaustive candidate report

SpeedHire Live generates comprehensive reports that measure a candidate's performance on various parameters like quality, efficiency, programming skills, etc.

Written by: Sukriti Yaduwanshi

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