Refund Policy -

A Division of Times Internet Limited

  1. Order(s) for services as requested by customer are accepted in good faith, and other business units of its owner Times Business Solutions (TBS) a division of Times Internet Limited hereinafter collectively referred to as "TBS" accepts no responsibility whatsoever regarding the bonafide or the contents appearing on the said website. No interviews, any questions, liability or correspondence shall be entertained in respect of any services provided by TBS.
  2. Service buyer/customer/subscriber agrees to be bound by all the terms & conditions mentioned on the website bearing the URL in addition to the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  3. endeavours to render service as is basis. However, also reserves the right to decline, change or reschedule any service notwithstanding the acceptance of the order and payment for the said service or services(s).
  4. Any error appears in the website must be brought into the notice of TBS within three days of hosting of link or Microsite/Logo. It is the primary responsibility of the buyer/customer/subscriber of the service to inform of any errors if comes into notice.
  5. shall endeavour to render its services without defects. However, if any defect is found genuine, corrective steps will be taken either by free provision of the particular service or by providing corrective version after rectification of reported mistake. The service buyer agrees not to claim any refund for any service containing any service issue or any other technical issue.
  6. or any other business unit of TBS maintains prima facie no refund policy and all the issues related to product and service will be addressed either by correcting service issue /defects or also by providing compensatory services as per rules of company.
  7. Request of refund shall only be accepted in exceptional condition and discretion shall be allowed to TBS and to take a decision accordingly.
  8. Buyer/customer/subscriber shall inform regarding the deficiency of service within 5 working days of commencement of service. Post 5 days there will be no refund request shall be entertain by
  9. Post receiving the request of refund in due time as mentioned above, will evaluate the case to case basis as an exception and will inform within 15 days about the decision on refund/compensatory service if need to provided. Compensatory service shall be the first option for client to accept.
  10. In case of any online/offline event no refund request shall be entertain and client/service buyer agree to the term that all the evaluation shall be done before buying services, once payment is issued there will be no refund request shall be entertained.
  11. All Disputes and Differences whatsoever arising out of or in relation to the contract or order of Service, a billing correction therewith or otherwise or breach thereof shall be referred for resolution to a sole arbitrator, so appointed by TBS at its sole discretion. The said Arbitration shall be conducted in terms of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 together with all statutory amendments made thereto. The Award made in pursuance thereof shall be final and binding on all the parties. The seat and venue of Arbitration shall be New Delhi and shall be governed by the applicable laws of India.  This Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the appropriate courts of Delhi.
  12. Period of contract is fix as agreed between service buyers TBS/ and it is not automatically renewable.
  13. The conditions stated herein, and any other condition stipulated by TBS from time to time shall govern the acceptance and provision of any service.
  14. The service buyer hereby agrees and covenants to honour payment of all cheques (if) issued against this order form as well as all amounts standing due, payable and arising out of the service/transaction mentioned herein. The service buyer hereby agrees not to dispute the right/unconditional standing instruction conferred hereby them to TBS to deposit/redeposit cheques at TBS sole discretion as many times as may be required to recover the lawfully due amounts outstanding against the account of the said service buyer.
  15. The accepted mode of payment in case of international sales is Paypal and Bank/NEFT transfer.

    TBS assume no liability whatsoever for any monetary or other damage suffered by the customer on account of:

    1. The delay, failure, interruption, or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with use of the Payment Gateway or Services in connection thereto; and/ or
    2. Any interruption or errors in the operation of the Payment Gateway.
  16. In these Terms and Conditions, the term "Charge Back" shall mean, approved and settled credit card or net banking purchase transaction(s) which are at any time refused, debited or charged back to merchant account (and shall also include similar debits to Payment Service Provider's accounts, if any) by the acquiring bank or credit card company for any reason whatsoever, together with the bank fees, penalties and other charges incidental thereto.
  17. Once the customer will be registered and paid the Fee through online Payment Gateway. He/She will not be able to cancel the transaction in any circumstances. No Payment will be refunded to the User.
  18. The person paying the amount for subscription of service agrees and accepts full responsibility for payment against the Order Form signed by him or by any other person/entity signing the Order Form as his agent and agrees to be held liable for all criminal and civil liabilities arising out of payment related issue ( if any ).
  19. In case of changes in any invoice as issued by TBS change in any invoice shall take effect only through debit and credit note as per the nature transaction.
  20. Customer/Service buyers/subscriber hereby undertakes to keep and hold Times Business Solutions A Division of Times Internet Limited indemnified and harmless against all costs, expenses, claims, liabilities and proceedings (including legal) and attorney's fees, which may be caused to or suffered by TBS A Division of Times Internet or made or taken against TBS- A Division of Times Internet Limited , which are directly or indirectly arising out of non –compliance, incorrect/incomplete details provided by customer or breach of any statutory law, Customer or by any acts of commission or omissions of the persons engaged by customer Since it is mandatory to effect changes in the original invoice only vide debit notes/ credit notes, a clause mandating such usage of debit notes and credit notes should be inserted.
  21. Customer/Service buyers/subscriber hereby represent and warrant that he/she is legally eligible to buy and use the services as he/she solicited for with complete agreement of terms of TBS. Customer/Service buyers/subscriber hereby represent and warrant that he/she will use the service for all the legitimate purpose as per the terms & condition of TBS and will not post or share any illegal/false information.
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