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By Pranav Mittal | 5 Min Read | Published on: 09th Sep 2020
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One of the biggest challenges startups face is to find and hire the best technical talent in a quick and cost-effective way. What could be better than interviewing candidates remotely to make the process faster? Well, SpeedHire is here to your rescue. 

SpeedHire is a one-of-its-kind remote assessment platform that enables startups to set up remote video interviews and evaluate the programming and communication skills of candidates via a developer-friendly code editor. Also, the platform records video interviews for future references and generates a comprehensive candidate report to help recruiters make a well-informed hiring decision. 


There are some unique features in SpeedHire that make it a must-have tool for tech recruiters, especially, in the current scenario when half the IT workforce is working from their homes and social distancing is a new normal. With SpeedHire , HR personnel can easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel interviews with proper notifications via mailers. SpeedHire in-built developer-friendly code editor can assess the knowledge of a candidate by compiling the code in real-time. It can handle over 54 modern-era programming languages right now. 


Integration of Google Calendar in SpeedHire Live is very thoughtful as it provides both parties, recruiter and candidate, the ability to mark the date and time of interview in their calendar and get reminders automatically. 


Recruiters are enabled to have access to their personal question library as well as the vast TechGig interview questions library to pick the questions from. 


SpeedHire is a new-age tool that will change the landscape of on-site tech recruitments by providing a seamless, cost-effective, and time-efficient method for conducting assessment remotely.

Written by: Pranav Mittal

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