Our milestones Here's how we helped companies 'find' the best developers

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Assessments Conducted

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10 Million+

Developers Assessed

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Companies Onboarded

Things we do differently

Advanced skills assessment
Automated evaluation in 54 coding languages, role-based assessments, exhaustive library of 15,000+ questions (MCQs, coding problems and project-based assessments), and developer-friendly IDE
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AI-based Report and Dashboard
Detailed assessments coverage on an interactive dashboard with key insights and metrics to identify and shortlist top performers via in-depth candidate performance report
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Whiteboard and Panel Interviews
Conduct system design and diagram based interviews using virtual whiteboard. Add multiple interviewers to collate different perspectives for unbiased hiring decisions
Whiteboard and Panel Interviews

What our customers say

We developed a great collaboration with the team. We appreciate the attention to detail and creative approach which helped us to fulfil our positions seamlessly. When we had to deal with a Technical Support group, they were fantastic. The fact they walk through step by step to handle and close the issues makes it very convenient. We are satisfied.

Yashasree Maity

Senior Executive, Talent Acquisition, PSC–CIS
L&T Infotech

A great service provider. The skill test really helped us to filter the available pool of the resources and to find the best talent from the market. Online technical test process made it smooth recruitment to the organization. Thank you team for timely support.

Amit Pathak

Lead - Human Resources

Our products

SpeedHire Advanced
Perform role-based assessments and evaluate candidates on core skills required for the specific job function. Fulfill your hiring needs with AI-based insights into candidate performance.
SpeedHire Live
Conduct onsite tech interviews remotely in a real-time coding environment. Conduct panel interviews and record interviews for reviewing and making well-informed decisions later.

Enterprise-ready solution

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GDPR Compliant
SpeedHire complies with information security protocols. We protect and use details of all candidates in a legitimate manner, complying with GDPR standards.
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ISO Certified
We are ISO 27001 compliant to provide an extra layer of information security. This is an absolute assurance that the data of our clients and users is safe with us.
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Support and Services
We are proud to have expert delivery and client support teams which are available 24x7. This provides end-to-end support to our clients' recruitment cycle.


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Boardroom: How recruitment contests are moulding the objective anatomy in tech hiring
To discuss the relevance of recruitment contests and how recruitment leaders perceive and plan these, we conducted a boardroom session with four savvy industry leaders. Watch here.
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Boardroom: How recruitment contests are aiding the objective analysis of tech talent
While the war for tech talent is getting intense, the challenge to source, evaluate and hire the right fit is high. This is where recruitment contests like hackathons, ideathon, tech challe
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SpeedHire CXOs roundtable: Technical Assessment - A path to flexible hiring
The quest for qualified talent is unending. Watch this interesting conversation with 6 superb panelists from the HR and tech fraternity discussing how hiring managers are identifying the right talent.
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SpeedHire Boardroom: Technical Assessment: A path to flexible hiring
Today the process of onboarding tech talent has become exhaustive for organisations. We conducted a roundtable with 4 industry experts who share a common passion for hiring the right people.
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5 Best ways to diversify your tech talent pipeline
Today, companies focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Listed here are 5 ways to diversify your tech talent pipeline with people of different races, age groups, gender, and ethnicity.
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Poll outcome: Plagiarism is a challenge for 83% recruiters
SpeedHire asked the 784 recruiters if plagiarism was a serious concern while hiring talent remotely or if they have apt tools to overcome. Here is the key takeaway.
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Mastering the art of remote hiring with SpeedHire
The transition from in-person interviews to remote hiring can be uncomfortable, especially for hiring managers accustomed to the conventional ways of working.
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Hiring technical candidates who don't just fit-in but stand-out
Finding the right fit for a job role can be a real challenge. SpeedHire has made it easier for recruiters to find out the technical resources who don't just 'fit-in' but 'stand-out. Lets see how.
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5 Ways to attract and hire the best developers
SpeedHire, the AI-powered platform helps recruiters pick the top talent basis unbiased skill evaluation. Here are 5 quick ways about how SpeedHire helps build a great tech team.
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SpeedHire: Simplifying remote talent assessment
As more and more businesses harness technology, they look to hire a skilled workforce. Download this guide to learn how SpeedHire simplifies the process of remote talent assessment.
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5 Reasons why SMEs need skill assessment platform
For SMEs, hiring skilled developers can be tough. With SpeedHire, they can hire the right fit using standardised assessments. Here is why it is critical for SMEs to use SpeedHire.
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4 Ways to assess talent and build a better talent pipeline
Without a rigorous talent assessment, it is not possible to shortlist candidates for hiring. SpeedHire serves as a boon there to evaluate skills unbiasedly and help recruit the best talent.
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3 Ways to choose the best assessment platform
There is a lot to consider when you're choosing the best tech talent assessment. Remember this platform will help you build a strong talent pipeline.
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5 Skill assessment challenges faced by startups
According to industry reports, 4 out of 10 companies in the IT, startup and SME domains find hiring tech candidates as their biggest challenge.
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SpeedHire ends remote talent assessment challenges
The efficiency and scalability of a technical talent assessment platform is important. SpeedHire helps you scout the best-skilled candidates in the quickest turnaround time.
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4 Ways SpeedHire helps startups pick the best developers
Hiring a software developer is difficult, especially for startups where budget and time constraints don't allow much scope. SpeedHire is a technical assessment tool will help you find the best talent.
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5 Challenges CTOs face when assessing developers
The rapid adoption of disruptive technologies is leaving the CTOs with less time to think how to identify and evaluate skilled developers. Here are five biggest challenges CTOs face when hiring.
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Startups, cut your hiring time with SpeedHire Live
One of the biggest challenges startups face is to find and hire the best technical talent in a quick and cost-effective way. SpeedHire Live is here to your rescue.
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How to hire skilled coders with SpeedHire Live
Hiring a skilled coder is imperative to business growth. We present you SpeedHire Live - an online interview platform enabling remote evaluation of coding and communication skills of a candidate.
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How SpeedHire Live eliminates bias from hiring
Hiring managers have their own set of challenges - finding tech talent in emerging technologies, drop-offs, and accurate assessment of the calibre of the prospective hire.
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A beginner's guide to remote talent assessment
Powered with AI, SpeedHire helps assess developers using in-built code editor, simultaneously letting the hiring managers proctor the code test; and record it for future references.
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The best practices of hiring remote workers for tech roles
Right from conducting remote interviews for candidates to evaluating their skills and bringing them on-board, almost all functions can be carried out effectively with the help of SpeedHire.
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SpeedHire: The one-stop solution to hire the best-in-industry talent
SpeedHire is capable of resolving all the problems that plague technical hiring and simplifies the technical recruitment process. For a deeper understanding of SpeedHire, download this eBook.
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