5 Best ways to diversify your tech talent pipeline

By Neha Kaushik 5 Min Read Published on: 09th Jun 2021

In the modern world, companies have put their focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Due to the measures taken, there has been a huge change in the market for people of colour and women in certain job categories as well as for leadership positions across industries. To have a team with diverse educational, cultural, and life experiences is becoming extremely important for organisations globally.

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Listed here are 5 ways to diversify your tech talent pipeline with people from different races, age agroups, gender, and ethnicity.

1. Hiring based on requirements

The best criteria to hire a candidate is to move down the road of potential rather than excluding the candidates. It is essential to ensure that the candidate can do the job effectively and is motivated to learn more. The hiring managers can source several candidates that can fit the criteria and write the description as per the requirements.

2. Structured interview process

After filtering out the profiles, the hiring managers need to develop a structured interview process. The process must include the same sets of questions and steps for every candidate ensuring no bias scenarios. This will ramp up the process for the candidates to measure their skill sets.

3. Diverse interview panellists

It is essential to have interviewers who can analyse the skills of the potential candidates, identify their unique characteristics, and understand their experience. This will also put the candidate at the ease of getting hired based on their talent.

4. Blind screening

Hiring managers can also try a blind screening process to hire the tech talent without knowing the gender, name, and ethnicity of the applicants. It can be done via online tests and then sharing the information with the panel to screen the profile.

5. Measure the diversity recruiting programs

Recruiters can move towards the goals and share results ahead as the step towards equity, diversity, and inclusion. This will help in building a better workplace while analysing talent sources, evaluating the talent, understanding the funnel, and starting with the strategies.

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