Poll outcome: Plagiarism is a challenge for 83% recruiters

By Sukriti Yaduwanshi 5 Min Read Published on: 15th Jun 2021

Hiring or evaluating technical talent remotely comes with its own set of challenges. Recruiters are often misled by the candidates when it comes to giving real-time tests or assessments.

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While most ensure a fair and unbiased assessment process, selecting a genuine candidate with the required skills remains a challenge.

In a time when physical assessments of coders are not possible, organisations have constant apprehension on who is taking their assessments for real. In order to understand the ground-level concerns of recruiters, SpeedHire asked the 784 recruiters if plagiarism was a serious concern while hiring talent remotely or if they have apt tools to overcome. Almost 83% of respondents said plagiarism is a big challenge for them while evaluating candidates for IT positions.

The big takeaway here was that even with the availability of accelerated technology solutions, factors like proctoring and cheating were a big issue. SpeedHire- a SaaS-based platform that provides a cheat-proof virtual platform with real-time collaboration while candidates are taking the evaluations. Its features include:

  • Disable cut copy-paste
  • Block multiple tab browsing
  • Capture test screen multiple times
  • Enable candidate snapshots
  • Record interviewee‚„s video & audio

Try the superior proctoringand know if you have proxies taking your evaluation tests.

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