5 Reasons why SMEs need skill assessment platform

By Sukriti Yaduwanshi 5 Min Read Published on: 17th Aug 2020

As we move towards a digitalised and virtual working world, it is time we innovate our talent management, skill assessment, and training practices. Today, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are big contributors to the economy. As they move ahead and innovate, having a skilled workforce is a must.

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For any SME, hiring a skilled developer can be tough. With SpeedHire, one can hire the right fit using standardised assessments. Here is why it is critical for SMEs to consider skill assessment platforms.

1. To build a solid talent pipeline

Technical hiring and assessment platforms help you shortlist skilled candidates and create a solid talent pipeline. The AI-powered assessment platform SpeedHire comes with features like in-built code editor and proctoring and insights of candidates' performance, which help make an informed hiring decision.

2. To save money and time with scalable assessments

Being cost and time-efficient is one of the key focus areas of SMEs. The need for a quick solution that is scalable is necessary because the loss of productivity due to unfilled tech positions can impact the business. With scalable hiring and assessments features, SpeedHire offers the best solution to SMEs.

3. To minimise cognitive bias

Hiring and skill assessments can often be biased. Automated assessments, based on an in-depth skill report require least human intervention and are objective. With SpeedHire, one can opt for standardised, secure, and unbiased hiring process right away.

4. To get in-depth insights into candidates' performance

To ensure one is hiring the right candidate, an in-depth insight of the shortlisted candidates is critical. SpeedHire offers a comprehensive candidate performance report with qualitative and quantitative evaluation parameters along with access to a detailed dashboard.

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